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Why Us?
We don't promise you the world,
We promise you a smart business and a better, professional and efficient way of doing things.

There are some benefits of coming first,

If you can sustain the lead, then beating you becomes not only tough but next to impossible.

ProfitGyan is India's First and Only Interactive Portfolio Advisory Application. There is no other application like it or even near to it maybe in the World; especially when it comes to the applications ability to think, reason and analyze the most complex set of mathematical formulas the world of Investment has seen.

We are young, but assure you that we would continue to build on our competitive lead and maintain it. Below mentioned are some features which help you service your clients better:

»  Average performance increase for all ProfitGyan advisors is 18%, which benefits their clients ultimately;
»  Extremely interactive and detailed SMS'es, along with a persons name, SL, TP, Buy Price and Quantity;
»  Finally someone actually practices Risk Management for the clients, thus helping them from drawdown's;
»  Clients can track almost all their Financial Assets at one place, helping you to advice them as and when required;
»  Provide services like PMS, new Advisory Plans, Stock Alert Services and much more using ProfitGyan;
»  ProfitGyan considers not only your clients Portfolio Risk but also Diversification, Leverage and Intraday Margins as well;
»  High Speed Low Cost SMS Channels and all messages are sent with your sender id;
»  Complete secrecy if you want we will never disclose to anyone that you use ProfitGyan's services;

and much much more. This list is endless but our services, our promises and features are not, literally. There is no other service like ProfitGyan and neither would there be any such service in a long time to come.

For any query or to know more about our services please contact us, we would be happy to show you what ProfitGyan is capable of.

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