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Why ProfitGyan Advisor ?
ProfitGyan is proud to be associated with the finest Advisors in India who help their client’s trade in the financial market.

We at ProfitGyan provide your financial advisor with all the necessary tools to make your trading more profitable. The Advisor gets access to your current portfolio holdings (in %), can compare your performance with other clients and even judge your discipline level. When you do not exit a script at a particular price, ProfitGyan´s portfolio application and your advisor will constantly remind you and ensure that you exit your position to avoid any loss.

We at ProfitGyan do not allow just any Financial Advisor to join us and manage your hard earned money. An Advisor is strictly evaluated on his past performance before he becomes a ProfitGyan Certified Advisor, also our team constantly tracks his performance to ensure he delivers quality service and advice at all times. (Please note ProfitGyan follows strict compliance norms and under no circumstances any financial advisor or ProtfitGyan´s internal team member can look up your portfolio values. All your advisor gets to see are figures in percentage terms. eg. out of your total portfolio — 50% is in stocks, 20% in commodities and so on and so forth.)

There are tons of advisors on the net who are willing to offer you trading tips at unreasonably high prices in return for plain vanilla SMS. We at ProfitGyan did a feasibility study to find out whether these advisors are actually worth the money they are asking for and the answer was a definite NO. Some of them were learning how to trade in specific instruments while advising you on those trades. This can be devastating especially if you are trading in futures.

So don´t make the same mistake, choose your advisor wisely and help yourself trade right and profitably.

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