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ProfitGyan Features
As an investor on ProfitGyan you get access to tools that will far out do your expectations. Below is the complete list of tools and services in a header format for your easy reference.

1. Personalized Services

a.  All SMS address your portfolio size and risk calculations while telling you what is the right quantity for you to buy. An example of a typical SMS Sent by your advisor using ProfitGyan would be "Mr. Gyan please buy 243 shares of NAGARCONST at 250, SL:248, TP:260 — XYZ Advisor"

b.  The advisor can look up your portfolio performance in percentage terms at the click of a button and advice you accurately. This activity helps maintain your portfolio risk and balance.

c.  Timely information and alerts to ensure you book your profits and losses in time.

d.  The portfolio manager enables you to deal with multiple specialist advisors who can help you trade in Stocks, Futurz, Commodities and Forex.

e.  You can easily able to check your profit and loss according to your advisor call so that you can track your advisor´s performance.

f.  You will get CMP of all his assets at the end of the day through SMS/IM and E-mail.

2.  A 360 Degree Portfolio Tracker

 Built in Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodities, Forex, Mutual Funds, Insurance, IPO and Fixed Income Portfolio Tracker.

b.  Unique transaction statement, which automatically captures your profits or losses on your investments and shows it in an easy to read text format.

c.  A Balance sheet style net asset manager to help you know your current position.

d.  The Portfolio Manager allows you to take a print of your portfolio for easy reference while you are on the move and do not have access to internet.

3.  Charts and Comparison Tools

 Get to know the market sentiment using our unique built in sentiment chart and help you move with the flow.

b.  Track your equity performance curve and compare it with Nifty and SENSEX.

c.  You can compare your performance vis-a-vis other user of the Portfolio Manager. This comparison can be across the Global Group (all users´s combined) or with your Advisor´s client specifically.

4.  Stock Charts and Advisor Ratings

a.  Know the IPO premium before hand and make the correct choices.

b.  Look up your favourite stock charts and get to know their latest support and resistance levels.

c.  Constant Advisor ratings for securities in your portfolio to let you know the current market outlook for that particular stock.

5.  Seamless Communication

a.  Built in ProfitGyan messenger to help you chat with your Advisor and friends on ProfitGyan, and downloadable version so that you can even chat with friends  on Yahoo, Google, MSN or even AIM on a 24x7 basis.

b.  Send support requests to your advisor and request him to evaluate your profile.

c.  The Portfolio Manager alerts you every time your share hits a Stop Loss or Target Price to help you get the Buy/Sell timing right.

d.  Chat with your advisor´s other clients or even ProfitGyan´s global client base.

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