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ProfitGyan Edge
ProfitGyan is such a massive application,
That at no point of time you would be able to use more than 40% of the entire application.

Any Advisor on ProfitGyan has access to a wide variety of tools which allow him/her to :

1.  Overall Client Performance ( View Snap )

»  Get a bird's eye view of the concentrated portfolio of all your clients, in percentage terms, on a single page.
»  Rate Stocks, Commodities, Forex, F&O instruments and keep your clients well informed about your outlook on a particular instrument.
»  Lookup the complete portfolios of your premium clients in % terms only and guide him to make more profitable investments.
»  Compare client performances and eliminate loss making strategies by looking at a graphical presentation of your clients performance using »  comparison charts, equity curve, sentiment tracker, portfolio diversification. etc.

2.  One Centralized Advisory Panel to Send out Trading Messages ( View Snap )

»  Select the script, enter basic trade details including risk% you wish to assume on a trade and at the other end your clients would just get to
    know how many shares or lots they can trade in based on their portfolio size.
»  Keep an eye on all open positions and close the ones which are reaping you returns. At the same time send a SMS or an IM to your clients
    asking them to close the same position at their end and trust us it takes lesser time to close a call with ProfitGyan than it take for you to
    type a message. We bet it!
»  Send you clients payment alerts, customized messages, display announcements or even arrange for web based chat training session and

3.  Group and Client Management ( View Snap )

»  Build and manage customized subscription plans, create new plans, remove old plans, modify pricing information for all plans, activate and
    collect online payments and much more. The grouping system eases your day to day operations to a great extent.
»  Client management allows you to switch clients between subscription plans, add them to more than one group and even look up client
    subscription expiry details, their net worth as stars and a lot more
»  Advisor can manage his Active as well as expired clients, renew them. Advisor can give 1-4 days of free trail to clients and move them from
    free trail group to paid groups.

4.  Snippets for your Website ( View Snap )

»  Showcase you current holdings, plans, dummy portfolio, free market outlook, past performance, and other details about you wish you want
    to show you your perspective clients on your website. All this is controlled from inside the ProfitGyan Portfolio Manager (Advisor Access).
»  Now you can accept direct online registration from your clients via a form on your website and even allow them to pay online as well. We
    don't charge anything extra for this facility except the service charges levied by our Merchant - We have more than 6 ways
    using which you can register clients including a Coupon System, Manual Registration and Custom Payment System as well.

Trust us this is just the start, ProfitGyan have much more to offer to you. Moreover we assure you complete secrecy and privacy of your presence with us and of your client data. At no point we or any other advisor can view or take charge of you client data. Moreover all SMS'es are sent from you sender id and not from ProfitGyan's Sender id.

For any query or to know more about our services please contact us, we would be happy to show you what ProfitGyan is capable of.

  • Over 78% of the respondents wanted to be involved in buying/selling decisions regarding their portfolio;
  • Over 86% found it cumbersome to maintain excel sheets, manage their portfolios on different portfolio trackers;
  • Approximately 57% were willing to shell out more money if they are provided with HONEST and professional services;
  • Only 12% of the respondents are aware of terms like risk, leverage and optimum reward ratio; and
  • No more than 20% of the respondents were aware that a parallel advisory market exists on the internet;

What does this mean for you the Advisor? Well it means, there is an immense market out there to tap if you have the entire necessary tool, requisite knowledge and the right partner on your side - All this helps you not only to distinguish yourself from the vast number of advisors out there but also expand your business considerably.

For any query or to know more about our services please contact us, we would be happy to show you what ProfitGyan is capable of.

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