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I am a Investor / Trader
“Trivia: Did you know that there are more than ten different types of calculations which are supposed to be done to accurately determine whether you should invest in a script or not?”

We as investors easily get influenced by what others have to say. We rely on our friends, colleagues, relatives, financial blogs and websites for the correct information. Not every man is born to be a doctor, an engineer or a charted accountant, similarly not everyone is a born trader. For trading in the markets you need to have a financial advisor, someone who is competent enough to actually tell you what to trade, how to trade and HOW MUCH TO TRADE.

Successful investors play by strict rules. One such rule of investing is the 'Risk Concept'. The risk concept takes note of the maximum amount of losses you can take on a particular trade. Implementing this rule goes a long way in securing your initial investment amount and in calculating the exact number of shares you need to buy of a particular share. If these rules are well implemented, your portfolio remains well protected.

What would you as an investor desire in your Advisor? What are your expectations and how would you like to be serviced? According to the survey that our team conducted, an investor expects the following from his advisor:

  • Your advisor should have the right tools to communicate with you whenever needed.
  • He should advise you to sell a share if it is falling below the stop loss.
  • Advise you to help book profits on time.
  • The Advisor should monitor your portfolio from time to time and help you align it with the market sentiments.
  • On the whole the Advisor should be your 'Partner in Trading' so that he can help you earn better returns from the markets.

We believe that it is high time quality investment services be made available to the masses. Our motto is to make every investor a Premium Client.

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