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Please go through some of the frequently asked questions below, they will surely clear almost all the doubts that you may have. Incase you do not find the answer to your questions below please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Q1. I don't want my clients to know about ProfitGyan, I want to provide personalized services on my own ?
Sure, no problem at all. We are ready to sign a non disclosure agreement under which we will never disclose your identity, your personal details, your client data or even your trading calls to anyone. You will continue working as you have been, all tasks like updating clients portfolio, introducing new clients, setting up account and servicing clients would be done by you only. Please note that it is quiet possible that your work may increase by almost 4 times, but in the end you can brand your business as one that cares for its clients by practicing Risk Management. Call us up we would tell you exactly how you can do it. Infact we have signed a non-disclosure agreement with approx 60% of our advisors.

Q2. Will messages be sent from ProfitGyan's sender id and what are your SMS charges ?
No, all trading messages, announcements and open position information would be send by your sender id only. Our SMS Charges vary. However, it costs us 24 paisa per sms for any quantity. Incase you have a bigger quantity to service lets say 10k sms'es a month, sms charges can be negotiated depending upon what our service provider agrees to.

Q3. Is my client database safe ?
Absolutely, we never use, share or disclose your client database to anyone neither do we use it for internal marketing or data collection purposes. All data is stored on a separate database server and is encrypted. Only two people in ProfitGyan can access that data, our founders and that also using passwords collectively.

Q4. How big is ProfitGyan ?
With over 1000 tables, 25000 lines of code just for the advisory panel, almost 1 million lines of codes for the entire application, 2 dedicated machines, number of database reports and a dedicated team we are still quiet small. But are growing really fast. Don't you want to be a part of our family ? Contact Us today.

Q5. Does ProfitGyan really posses Artificial Intelligence ?
Maybe, we define Artificial Intelligence as something which is smart enough to do tasks on its own after being programmed in such a fashion that almost 80% of the scenarios are accounted for and those which are not accounted are tackled by the application on its own. In simple words, we have planned, debated and then made this application. So yes, we are proud we have done a great job for ourselves and for us this is as near to an Artificial Intelligent System as it can get.

Q6. How long will it take to get started, I am an advisor ?
Generally new account creations, trainings, custom requests and other such tasks do take us a lot of time. So although it is highly situational and depends upon your requirements. We would say the minimum time which took us to get an advisor started in the past is 2 days.

Q7. Is the application tough to use ?
Yes, for the advisor it is if you are not aware of certain mathematical terms and how to use them. But trust us once you get used to it, you are habitual and start loving it just like we do.

Q8. What is the server downtime if any ?
We try to minimize the downtime as much as we can. We are on a Tier IV network in the US, with one of the best hosting companies in the world. Although you may not face any downtime at all since we already have built in scripts to check for server load but during peak market hours or when the markets are swinging wildly you may face some problems. However, the maximum time it has taken us to fix a problem in market hours is under 3.5 minutes (on the basis of server load).

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