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Advisory Panel
What if we tell you,
The Advisory Panel can process upto 200 clients/sec with Individual Calculations for each client.

Call it the Heart of ProfitGyan or call it the most sophisticated module within ProfitGyan, it is the same thing. The Advisory Panel is any advisors dream, it allows you to compose new messages and control all aspects of your messages - personalized, non-personalized, risk, instrument type, call type. etc. It also allows you to issue announcements, send emails and sms, directly to your clients either as Individual Clients or as a Group. Moreover, it allows you to lookup all your open positions and close the one you don't require all under 2 seconds.

Some of the other startling features of our Advisory Panel are:

»  Your messages are sent from your sender Id and not from ProfitGyan's sender id;
»  Control all aspects of your trading call right from Risk Management to Different Asset Classes;
»  Filter Clients according to Groups, Risk Profile, Financial Goals. etc.
»  Send fully customized messages with respect to the trading levels advertised e.g. buy above 250, bw 250-270.etc.
»  Even attach comments behind each SMS such as "Bagged orders worth 100 mn", utilizing all available SMS space;
»  Send messages for Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodities and more. It even calculates Lots for your clients;
»  Allows you to send IM's as well*, yes we are not joking send messages directly to PGMessenger via ProfitGyan;
»  Close any open position under 2 seconds, the messages only go to those clients to whom the call was sent;
»  Try changing the SL price, the application will sense that you wish to modify SL levels and will send SMS automatically;
»  Open Positions window allows you to send messages for 11 different scenarios, all under 2 seconds, it's that smart;
»  Email/IM/SMS, all can be sent from one panel to a number of clients or a number of groups at once;
»  Ability to send manually composed messages as well incase you do not wish to send personalized messages;
»  You can apply Risk% to the available cash levels your clients have, known as Reducing Risk Management Method;
»  Incase you wish to send messages to clients without any quantity, it can be done also;

Trust us we can go on and on, this list is endless. The Advisory Panel is a marvel since it matches hardcore mathematics with technology and gives you an unmatched combination. Something which is smart, clever and highly efficient. It took us more than three months to build, so yes you can be absolutely sure it will work flawlessly and always with you to help service your clients.

For any query or to know more about our services please contact us, we would be happy to show you what ProfitGyan is capable of.

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