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I am a Advisor
With Thousands Advisors Out there,
How do you differentiate yourself - by cheating clients like others or by servicing them like ProfitGyan Powered Advisor.

Have you ever imagined what would happen if one day you come across a portfolio manager which is intelligent enough to judge how many shares or lots your clients should trade in based on their portfolio risk ? Something which allows you to track your clients portfolio comprising of not only Stocks and Mutual Funds but also Futures, Options, Commodities, Forex, IPO and Fixed Income as well. Something which even allows you to see how your clients are performing on a single window, communicate with them flawlessly and also keep a check on their trading discipline.

Welcome to the future of Advisory Services - welcome to where technology meets passion. ProfitGyan is the first all purpose portfolio manager which is designed to bring you and your clients on a common platform. It combines the powers of web 2.0 to deliver an enriching customer experience which makes it truly a website for the forward looking advisor.

Birth of is a result of some solid research and consequently discovered problems in the advisory space. We conducted a survey within the retail investor community to know their problems, expectations and suggestions about the Advisory Services business as such:

  • Over 78% of the respondents wanted to be involved in buying/selling decisions regarding their portfolio;
  • Over 86% found it cumbersome to maintain excel sheets, manage their portfolios on different portfolio trackers;
  • Approximately 57% were willing to shell out more money if they are provided with HONEST and professional services;
  • Only 12% of the respondents are aware of terms like risk, leverage and optimum reward ratio; and
  • No more than 20% of the respondents were aware that a parallel advisory market exists on the internet;

What does this mean for you the Advisor? Well it means, there is an immense market out there to tap if you have the entire necessary tool, requisite knowledge and the right partner on your side - All this helps you not only to distinguish yourself from the vast number of advisors out there but also expand your business considerably.

For any query or to know more about our services please contact us, we would be happy to show you what ProfitGyan is capable of.

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