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About Us
We are no geeks or hot shots; we are ordinary people who have learnt valuable lessons from their mistakes in the stock market and are on a mission to ensure that you don't repeat the mistakes which we once made. We practice and understand the power of disciplined investing and believe that achieving success in the stock markets is a result of meticulous planning backed by accurate strategies and not a game of "Gamble". We aim to create Smart and Disciplined Investors, who will do wonders for their hard earned money by drawing generous returns over their lifetime.

We have spent close to 18 months of our lives building this intelligent application which enables us to help you make some money. ProfitGyan is a 360° Portfolio Manager which can track your Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodities, Forex, Mutual Funds and IPO portfolio. Whenever we recommend you a trade; ProfitGyan auto-magically considers your existing portfolio and even tells you the Exact Quantity you should buy or sell. It balances your Portfolio Risk, Diversification, Intraday Margins, Cash Availability and Financial Goals before suggesting you the quantity to trade.

Whatever we do, we always ensure that we keep it as simple as possible. Consider, this small story, once we had received a feedback from some client, he said this website is too kiddish with animated pictures of cartoons. To which we replied "It doesn't matter whether this website has kiddish cartoons all over or has mature photographs, atleast it conveys it's message effectively, and this is what a website is supposed to do."... rite ?? Efficiency is the key to whatever we do and we ensure that every penny you have is effectively, intelligently and smartly utilized in the Stock Markets in the correct shares.

In a nutshell, this is what we do for a living; we make some money for ourselves by helping you make loads of it.

Welcome to our Family !

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